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We provide general dentistry services from check up and cleans and replacing fillings, to extractions and root canal treatments, along with many other services. 

Here at Dentist At Healthlink, we understand that life is busy, and we take pride in our ability to offer fast and effective solutions for our clients. We have a state of the art in-house milling machine which enables us to take a digital impression of your teeth, mill your crown and insert it on the same day! Other options are available for cases that are not suitable for this type of restoration. 

Oral hygiene is crucial to the maintenance of a healthy mouth. Regular dental hygiene appointments ensure that hard build up (also known as calculus or tartar) is removed and decay can be detected early or prevented completely. 

We are pleased to offer dental services to children of all ages! We accept the Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CDBS) provided by Medicare. Call us to enquire and check your child’s eligibility!

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We want you to be happy with the appearance and function of your mouth. We offer multiple options for dentures including implant retained dentures, complete acrylic dentures, partial chrome dentures, and partial acrylic dentures.

We offer various options for teeth whitening from in chair whitening, to take home whitening. Ask us about our packages! 

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Booking an appointment in the winter offer get you more discounts on every services we provide. So HUrry Up!!!


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Does the thought of visiting a dentist make you feel uneasy or anxious? We understand, and offer a range of options from cleans by candlelight to inhalation sedation to assist clients who feel nervous about receiving dental treatment.​

When you visit our dental clinic, you can expect quality and efficient treatment using top-of-the-range modern technology. to ensure that we provide the very best results we can. We use Digital Radiographs for modern day x-rays, Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening Technology, Rotary Endodontics, which incorporates electrical powered instruments to give the best performance for root canal treatment, and a Cerec machine which allows us to take digital scans of the mouth, meaning no messy impressions, and same day crowns! The Cerec machine and milling machine allow us to mill a porcelain crown on site, meaning our clients can walk out with a brand new crown in just one appointment. This eliminates the need to have a temporary restoration while waiting for lab work to return!