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There’s nothing quite like the confidence of a set of bright and beautiful teeth. While getting a smile makeover may be an exciting process, our Dentist At Healthlink team understand that cosmetic dental work can be a significant commitment. Which is why we are proud to offer Digital Smile Design (DSD).

Digital Smile Design is an amazing state of the art technology that allows dentists to digitally design and pre-plan your smile. The best part is you will be a part of the process and be able to co-design your smile with us.

What does the process involve?

The digital dentistry process begins with a consultation with one of our Smile Design dentists. This will involve an examination of your teeth and gums to identify any issues that can be corrected. During this consultation we will also discuss your ideal smile goals. Next, we will take an impression of your smile using a sophisticated computer software, photography and 3D scans and videos. This will allow us to compare a 3D portrait of your existing face alongside a 3D plan of your new potential smile.

The proposed new smile design is then manufactured as a physical temporary ‘mock up’ that can be placed in your mouth. You will then be able to see-the end result of the proposed treatment plan before committing to any dental work. This will allow yourself and your dentist to see what your new smile will look like before any work is performed, so you can decide if you’re happy to go ahead.


Is a DSD right for me?

Digital Smile design is right for anyone who is considering cosmetic dental treatment that will alter the look of their existing smile. If you’d like to know what your results would look like before committing to any major dental work, then Digital Smile Design is right for you!

What dental treatments are involved in a DSD?

Every DSD patient receives a unique DSD treatment plan based on the smile result they want. A variety of cosmetic dental treatments may be performed based on your personalised treatment plan, these include but are not limited to: veneers, crowns and bridges and implants

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What are the benefits of the 3D planning service?

The 3D planning service is an easier, faster, and more efficient solution to achieving your new smile.

This virtual planning service uses photos and videos of your teeth to digitally design your smile, while involving you in the process.

Your photos and videos are sent to Digital Smile Design’s Certified Lab and Planning Centre, where their expert team will produce your ideal smile in a 3D file to be used as the physical model of the new design.

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