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Over time, you may experience tooth loss due to various reasons such as the natural ageing process, dental decay, or gum disease.

Dentures are an affordable and convenient option to replace missing teeth and restore your smile. These removeable prosthetic devices are typically made from porcelain or acrylic and supported by the surrounding tissues of the oral cavity.

Dentist at Healthlink provides high-quality dentures in Townsville including full dentures and partial dentures in both upper and lower.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, we create custom-made dentures to fit your mouth comfortably and match the colour and size of your remaining teeth.

How Are Dentures Fitted?

It is important that your dentures are correctly fitted and feel comfortable in your mouth, this is where denture fittings come in.

Your first denture fitting will take place when you receive your new dentures. During the appointment, our dentists will insert the dentures in your mouth and make any necessary adjustments to ensure they remain in place. 

Your new dentures may initially feel a bit strange in your mouth, this is normal. It takes time to get used to wearing dentures. In the first few months, you may need a few follow-up dental appointments for further adjustments. Once you do get used to wearing dentures, your denture fitting check-ups will become less frequent, at least yearly. 

Wearing dentures should never feel painful or cause significant discomfort. If your dentures are hurting you, feel too loose or too tight and you are wondering how to make your dentures fit better – the solution is always to see a dentist ASAP. 

Broken or damaged dentures are considered a dental emergency, if you are experiencing these issues be sure to contact our dentist in Townsville for urgent repairs.

Immediate Dentures: What Are They?

If you’re having your teeth removed, you may choose to have dentures inserted on the same day. This is referred to as an immediate denture or temporary denture. These can help you live more comfortably while your custom-made permanent dentures are still being made. This can be for as long as some months.

Immediate dentures will fill the gaps left by missing teeth and can protect your gums as they heal following your tooth removal surgery. As they are not custom-made, they may require a few visits to the dentist for adjustments and reline.

To learn more information about immediate dentures, contact our denture Townsville clinic today.

Why do I need dentures?


If you have missing teeth, it’s important you don’t wait too long to replace them. Missing teeth have a far greater impact than just your appearance.

Gaps in your smile affect your mouth functionality and what we so often take for granted such as chewing, speaking, and biting abilities.

Missing teeth can also cause bone loss in your jaw, increase the risk of gum infection, and encourage premature ageing by allowing your facial features to sag.

Dentures can improve your smile and self-confidence, as well as restore full mouth functionality.

What is the cost of dentures without insurance?

Fortunately, dentures are considered one of the most affordable options in cosmetic and restorative dentistry to improve your smile. Cranbrook Dentist is a preferred provider for most major health funds, however the cost of dentures without insurance will depend on whether you require full or partial dentures, and upper, lower, or both. 

For more information, speak to one of our friendly team members on (07) 4723 0624. 


Types of Dentures

Whether you require full dentures or partial dentures will be based on the number of teeth you have missing and the condition of your remaining teeth. 

Full Dentures

Full dentures are required when you have no remaining natural teeth. This can be due to tooth loss over time or extractions if your remaining teeth were in poor condition. 

If your dentist has performed extractions, you may have to wait a few weeks or months while your gum tissues heal before the full dentures can be placed. 

Made from an acrylic base, full upper dentures fit comfortably under the roof of your mouth and full lower dentures fit into place in your lower gums. They can be designed to achieve your desired aesthetic and they can be held in place with oral adhesive or dental implants. 

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are required to replace just a few missing teeth. They’re designed to preserve the remaining natural teeth, prevent them from shifting, and encourage the jaw to maintain the correct alignment.

Partial dentures are custom-made to match the colour, shape, and size of your surrounding teeth, which they attach to keep in place.

How to clean dentures

Dentures are designed to last many years for patients who maintain good oral hygiene with regular check-ups to our Townsville dentists.

Maintain good dental hygiene

Some patients believe that false teeth require little to no maintenance, however they require the same level of care as natural teeth.

If you have remaining teeth, it’s important that you continue brushing and flossing twice daily. You should also rinse and lightly brush your dentures (whether partial or full dentures) at least once a day.

If not cleaned properly, plaque and food particles can build up and increase your risk of notorious “denture breath” or serious issues such as gum disease.

Store in a glass of water before bed

Removing your dentures before bed gives your gums time to relax and avoids the dentures from being damaged.

To ensure they don’t dry out and lose their shape, keep your dentures in a glass of lukewarm water. Make sure the water isn’t too hot as this can also cause them to lose shape.

Visit us regularly

Partial and full dentures are designed to last many years with appropriate care. However, you will need to replace them every few years due regular wear and the natural age-related changes to your face and gums.

We recommend that you visit our team at Dentist At Healthlink for a yearly check-up to ensure that your dentures are functioning properly and well-cared for.


The best way to care for your dentures is to maintain good oral hygeine, a cleaning routine and regular appointments with you dentist.

If you notice any damage or changes that affect the fit and comfort of your dentures then book an urgent appointment for denture repair at our denture clinic in Townsville. Do not attempt to repair dentures by yourself ever as it usually leads to more damage.

Dentures are ideal for people of all ages who have experienced significant tooth loss and have multiple missing teeth or all of their teeth, rather than just one or two. Plenty of patients who are in need of missing teeth replacements are good candidates for dentures.

For people who are missing multiple teeth, partial dentures may be an available option. People who are missing an entire row of teeth, or need to have them all extracted due to decay or any other condition, may be eligible for complete dentures.

With the right care and maintenance dentures can last a long time. Typically, you can expect your dentures to last anywhere between 5 – 8 years before needing to be replaced.

Depending on the level of damage, broken dentures can be corrected with denture repair rather than getting new, replacement dentures. If the dentures have shattered, or sustained major damage that cannot be repaired by the lab, replacement dentures are necessary.

Eventually, all dentures worn long-term require replacement although this could be after as long as 5-8 years.

A denture reline is the process of getting dentures re-fitted by the dentist in order to be more comfortable and appropriate for the wearer. Denture relining is a necessary procedure for patients with dentures as the fit can change significantly over time.

A denture reline should occur about every two years or whenever a patient notices their dentures loosening, slipping or shifting. If the dentures feel tight in certain areas or are causing cuts or irritation, denture repair may be required.

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