Are your children’s teeth ready for school? Get them checked today!

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Good oral health starts at a young age, so taking your child to a children’s dental clinic is a must. By taking your child to the dentist at a young age, you are ensuring and instilling good oral hygiene habits, helping them avoid future dental issues and helping them to feel comfortable and familiar in the dentist chair. 

With school starting, nobody wants their child to go onto school feeling self conscious of their smile or breath. 

Are your children’s teeth ready for school? Don’t put it off any longer, our pediatric dentists are now taking appointments, helping ensure your children walk into class with a smile.

 Read ahead to find out the importance of taking your child to visit the dentist.

Diagnose problems early

What many parents do not realise, is that baby teeth start the groundwork for the permanent adult teeth and when baby teeth are healthy it’s easier for the adult teeth to come through straight and healthy.

By taking children to see our Townsville childrens dentists, problems like crowding, missing or crooked teeth and jaw problems can be addressed. The earlier our pediatric dentist can find these problems, the less invasive the treatment needs to be.

Prevent serious decay

Damaged teeth can lead to infections and advanced dental procedures such as fillings or even extractions and ignoring tooth decay can damage the tooth structure further. A vital part of children’s dental check-ups is finding decay and cavities before they develop. Children love to eat sugary foods and by detecting tooth decay in their baby teeth early enough, is much easier and quicker to treat.

Early treatment also means fewer expenses for parents and guardians and less time spent in the dental chair. 

Teaching good oral hygiene

Teaching children how to properly care for their teeth will give them the knowledge and enthusiasm to carry our dental hygiene throughout their lives.

A dentist’s office may not seem inviting to a child but with regular visits, they get used to the process and their anxiety should diminish. Before your schedule gets busy juggling work, school and after school activities, come visit our pediatric dentists and ensure your child’s teeth are ready for school! Call us on (07) 4723 0624 or book your appointment today.